PSCS stands for the title of the “Project Supervisor Construction Stage” who has many duties in relation to managing health and safety on notifiable Construction Projects carried out in the Republic of Ireland.

The PSCS is responsible for managing and co-ordinating the Construction Phase health and safety issues on site. However, the presence of a PSCS does not relieve the Main Contractor or Subcontractor of their duties for Site Health and Safety.

Regulations 6 to 29 of the SHWW Construction Regulations 2006 and particularly Regulation 16 detail the main duties of the PSCS.

The role of PSCS is a responsible one and one that is not always clearly understood by Contractors who undertake this role or are appointed to the role by the Client.

Allied Training works with Project Supervisors Construction Stage (PSCS) on a continual basis and can offer to act in the role if required by the Contractor.

We also offer Training Courses on how to practically carry out this important role and what the possible outcomes are.

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